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Reduce Tax Expense
Reduce Tax Dept. Effort
Enhance Risk Management


Ease of Use
Extensible Architecture

One size never fits all.
Our license flexibility fits everyone.

Over time, any organization will develop a set of stable business practices, documents and formulas that constitute the heart of their tax processes. These "libraries" of information are what make every organization unique, which is exactly what DI Tax wants to help you maintain or improve.

Based on years of corporate tax experience, DI Tax has compiled common tax functions and processes that map out the common steps that organizations in any industry will face. By adopting or modifying these built-in libraries, DI Tax can quickly provide a stable structure of business workflows.

You can license all or some of the DI Tax library to meet your needs. The Enterprise license will contain the entire library of DI Tax’s functionality. Licensing individual tax suites will help address specific tax functions. And individual licenses, such as Provisioning, will enable new customers to begin adopting DI Tax as individual modules.

Based on the flexibility of these libraries, DI Tax can then be easily configured and customized to meet unique business priorities. SCH provides installation, configuration and support assistance to help customers before and after DI Tax is installed. Click any of the links below for more information on: