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Some organizations have their own unique vision of how their tax department should and could operate. Other organizations find themselves in highly competitive industries or are facing complex and heavy regulations, so much so that licensing DI Tax is not enough. In those cases, any aspect of DI Tax can be completely customized for maximum value.

Customization Tools

Certain development guides and tools allow you to modify, replace and install unique processes and templates at the application level.

DI Tax Process Guide provides instruction and tools to support your customization efforts.

The Template Mapper allows users to create and update Excel spreadsheet templates and process maps that fit their unique processes.


Some of the customization projects we have helped our customers with include:

Gross Receipts Tax Reporting

Our customer designed a set of process solutions for their Gross Receipts Reporting group. The solution involved preparing and reviewing data for outsourcers who generated the forms and remitted the payments.

Regulatory Reporting - USAC Reimbursement for Schools & Libraries E-Rate Program 4.1.2

Our customer designed a set of process solutions for their Regulatory Group to deal with reimbursement requests from a government sponsored program on behalf of their customers as well as themselves.

Section 956 Reporting

Our customer designed a process solution for managing Section 956 meetings and the resulting action items. This solution automatically generates the required SOX documentation.

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