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Extensible Architecture

Installation Assistance

SCH provides installation, configuration and support assistance to help customers before and after DI Tax is installed.

Hardware Configuration

DI Tax is multi-tier software architecture, allowing great scaling options. The entire platform may run on a single machine, or each tier (front-end server, workflow engine, application server, database server) may run on separate machines, and further, each tier may be clustered across multiple machines. DI Tax also supports multiple databases, allowing segregation of data based on ownership, type (income tax vs. sales tax, etc.), workload, use (e.g. training vs. production) and so on.

It is not possible to give a "one size fits all" hardware configuration. The size of the system needed will depend on the number of concurrent users, the types of processes and data (e.g. transaction or summary), desired turnaround time, and so on.

Contact us for current hardware and software recommendations.