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DI stands for
Decision & Insight

DI Tax is a web-based suite of corporate tax solutions and is the flagship product of SCH Business Solutions LLC (SCH).  SCH was founded in 2002 to provide innovative business intelligence solutions that improve an organization’s ability to improve operational insight and make more strategic decisions.  SCH is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Unlike most tax solutions on the market, we don't simply address isolated tax functions, like return preparation or income tax calculations. Instead, SCH developed a unique technology that can integrate any of the components within the entire tax process — improving control and visibility without sacrificing the flexibility of determining your own business logic and calculations. Once a company begins integrating their people, processes and data with DI Tax, they begin to achieve cost-saving automation, improved risk management, and an unprecedented insight into how to reduce tax burdens.

SCH is a Texas Limited Liability Company. It is 100% owned by United States citizens. Owners, managers, employees, and contractors of the company sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of ownership, employment, or work engagement.

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