DI Tax

Corporate Tax Software

DI Tax provides fully-integrated corporate tax software that unites all the components within the corporate tax process, including:

  • Tax Accounting
  • Return Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Audit Defense
  • Department Management
  • Outsourcing Management

DI Tax affordably builds on your existing technology and includes all of the following components:

Once a company begins integrating their people, processes and data on DI Tax, they begin to achieve cost-saving automation, improved risk management, and an unprecedented insight into how to reduce tax burdens.

Are your spreadsheets stretched
to their breaking point? Not anymore.

DI Tax™ is the one solution flexible enough to maintain your existing business logic and workflows, but strong enough to provide real-time control and visibility across the entire tax process. It will stretch as much as your company needs. And getting it in to position won't hurt a bit.


DI Tax provides the easiest way to begin achieving transparency and accountability at every point in the tax process. Click below to see how easily DI Tax can help you comply with SOX.


DI Tax can manage the entire tax function or can be deployed as a single module to address any tax process, type or jurisdiction. See how easily you can implement a tax provision solution.