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Income Tax Provision
One solution for everyone.

"One size fits all" doesn't usually apply to Income Tax Provision. While the goal is the same, the methods of getting there are not. What is sufficient for one company in one industry might be woefully inadequate for another company; while at the same time it can be an absolute overkill when compared with a third company. So what is the right answer? DI Tax thinks all of them are the right answer. It just depends on you.

Don't worry

For highly regulated companies that have to worry about more granular level reporting than tax differences by legal entity — don't worry. If you have multiple charts of accounts — don't worry. If you use separate tax rates for current and deferred for each state — don't worry. DI Tax can be configured to manage FAS 109 by SEC reporting groups, tax accounting groups, legal entity, federal, state, current, deferred, and tax differences.

The first step towards automation

DI Tax also works for companies that merely want to get off their home-grown spreadsheets and take the first step towards automating their income tax provision process. Reducing risk associated with spreadsheets errors or ensuring two-sided entries might be a major first step. Latter steps can include automating the return to accrual or tax basis balance sheet.

FIN 48

FIN 48 has companies scratching their heads about how they are going to compile, monitor and report on "tax position" level information with more likely than not standards, estimated outcomes and probabilities of occurrence. With DI Tax, we can help you create a solution that seamlessly adds "tax position" level reporting to your existing tax difference level reporting.

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DI Income Tax Provision is a flexible solution that can be as large as you want it to be, as small as you want it to be, as complicated, or as simplified as you want it to be. DI Income Tax Provision is flexible enough to apply to both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

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