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DI Income Tax Planning

DI Income Tax Planning gives you the tools you need for all your planning activities — from ad-hoc research, analysis, and simple modeling to formal processes like corporate acquisitions, restructuring, and tax minimization. Easily create "what-if" ownership and reporting group structures and run multiple scenarios of your models. All scenarios are saved and can be used as data sources for other projections.

Tax Planning models, memos, and supporting documentation are accessible through the web interface and can be performed as frequently as needed. The package includes a set of commonly used model and documentation templates, and can be easily customized and extended for your specific tax planning needs.

  • Projected Taxable Income
  • NOL Utilization
  • Impact of Inter-State Income Shifting
  • Dividend Planning
  • Tax and E&P Basis Balance Sheets
  • Foreign Tax Credit Utilization
  • State Apportionment and more...