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Reduce Tax Expense
Reduce Tax Dept. Effort
Enhance Risk Management


Ease of Use
Extensible Architecture

A customized tax solution
without building from scratch.

As opposed to isolated tax solutions, like traditional tax return focused software, DI Tax addresses the entire corporate tax function:

  • Tax Accounting
  • Return Preparation
  • Planning
  • Audit Defense
  • Department Management
  • Outsourcing Management

Bringing together data from your financial systems, tax applications and Excel spreadsheets, DI Tax is a wholly integrated web-based solution that can be applied to any tax type, function or jurisdiction.

For most companies, this is a whole new level of control and visibility. Data is available in real-time. Tax projections are quickly calculated. And compliance efforts can be easily reviewed online. These are the kind of features that were previously available only with a custom-built and cost-prohibitive solution. But unlike custom-built solutions, all of these features are available right out of the box with DI Tax.

Another unique feature of DI Tax is its ease of customization and flexibility. You remain in complete control of your existing workflows and business rules. Take a closer look at how far you can stretch the capabilities of DI Tax to meet your business needs.

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