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DI Enterprise

DI Enterprise is a web-based suite of corporate solutions and is the flagship product of SCH Business Solutions LLC (SCH). SCH was founded in 2002 to provide innovative business solutions that improve an organization’s ability to improve operational insight and make better strategic decisions.

SCH developed a unique technology that can integrate any of the components within the entire business process — improving control and visibility without sacrificing the flexibility of determining your custom business logic and calculations. Once a company begins integrating their people, processes and data with DI Enterprise, they begin to achieve cost-saving automation and improved risk management.

Processes consist of a series of steps or tasks to which users are assigned based on their role assignment and entity structure. It is also a document-centric system that leverages controlled, secured and configurable data flow to utilize and control information.

Documents are created from a variety of inputs, such as external systems, prior period processing, some manual data entry and administrative table data. The information can be represented, edited and saved in Microsoft Excel format.

DI Tax

For more information on an implementation of DI Enterprise, see DI Tax.